Get Yourself Fired Up In Tokyo

Like any other national sport, the Japanese are very much impassioned about their own national sport — sumo. And nowhere in the Land of The Rising Sun is sumo culture more apparent than in the epicentre of sumo activity in the entire world, the Ryogoku district.

The Fiery Fighting Spirit of Sumo Athletes Is Nearly Palpable In Ryogoku

As the heart of the sumo world, the Ryogoku district plays host to a variety of sporting events and huge tournaments held in sumo stadiums. The most famous and popular here being Kokugikan Stadium.

Of course, other than the 15-day tournaments held in Tokyo in the months of January, May, and September, there are plenty of sumo-related attractions to be found in Ryogoku.

If you’re interested in sumo culture, some of the stables found in Ryogoku are also open for public viewing when it comes to their morning practice. Indeed, the camaraderie between the wrestlers, in addition to flesh crashing into flesh during the sparring practice, makes for a unique atmosphere to experience in Tokyo.

If you happen to want to try your hand at the sport, you may also do so. Some stables offer beginners and visitors the chance to “spar” with their sumo athletes or learn the basics from them.

Trust us, one training session with these world-class yokozuna hopefuls and you’ll come out at the end with a newfound respect and admiration for the sport, as well as the sumo athletes going through rigorous training almost every single day.

Hey, sumo isn’t just about getting as fat as possible by binging on chankonabe and then stepping into the right, okay?

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